Alfa Sportwagon
It will certainly not pass unobserved.
It is the new sport wagon. Uniquely aggressive, sensual, almost provocative styling. A unique idea. Meet the Alfa Sportwagon. The Alfa Sportwagon is engineered to perfection and every detail, every component reveals its ambition to meet your every requirement in terms of performance, comfort, quality and safety. You are free to choose exactly the car you want because of the wide range of customisation options. Above all, you can choose to drive a car completely different from all others because the Alfa Sportwagon represents the advent of a new style: an estate car with all the unmistakable traits of an Alfa Romeo.
Driving satisfaction pure and simple. This is the sensation the Alfa Sportwagon conveys from the very first kilometre. The starting point is a floor pan of exceptional torsional rigidity combined with a sophisticated, synergetic balance between front and rear suspension: herein lies the true strength of the design. The steering is direct and immediately responsive. The disc brakes are combined with a state-of-the-art ABS with built-in EBD for more effective distribution of brake load to all four wheels. The result is a precise drive under all conditions with easy, intuitive reactions even in sticky situations. Engineers call it perfect handling: great stability at all speeds combined with a crisp, gradual approach to bends and consistent traction that can be controlled in all grip conditions.
The basic premise of the Alfa Sportwagon is the one that perennially distinguishes an Alfa Romeo from any other car: expressing a strong personality while offering its driver the greatest possible fun and satisfaction.