With a small investment
WATERTECH offers you
a very pleasant soft water
and considerable saving.

Research and studies showed that water treatment is the solution, and WATERTECH is here
to provide you a wide range of specialised equipment to suit every level and type of pollution.
WATERTECH is proud to be one of the few companies in Lebanon ready for that challenge and
irrespective of the level of water contamination.

It is the best solution
against stress
and other modern life
Sauna has proved
its efficiency
on a world wide scale
and is nowadays a
basic item in modern
luxurious homes.

Unlike the dry hot
Sauna, a Turkish Bath,
more commonly known
as Hammam, consists
of sweet warm water
vapour at 40°-50°C.
It is the best cure
for a dry skin,
hampered respiration
and helps get rid of
toxines accumulated
in our body.

No other choice
surpasses Jacuzzi
hydromassage in providing
relaxation and enhancing
blood circulation
throughout our body.
Installations are equipped
with an electronic board
to help prevent
any malfunctionning.


WATERTECH, challenger of impossible is the best in offering a state of art swimming pools
at an affordable prices. It has a long experience in the installation of high quality domestic
and commercial pools.
WATERTECH is able to reflect your personality through your swimming pool design.