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Medgulf Bldg
Patriarch Howayek Street
Beirut Central District
Tel : (961) 1 - 985000
Fax : (961) 1 - 985005 / 032

MEDGULF started its activities in 1980 in Lebanon and expanded its activities to the Gulf area, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Leading investment groups and major players in the financial and insurance sectors pooled their resources to create one of the largest insurance groups in the Middle East: Al Azizia Commercial Investment Company, Mediterranee Investors Group, Saudi Oger Ltd. and LFZ Holding.

With the backing of its shareholders, MEDGULF consolidated its activities through successive acquisitions and mergers to provide a comprehensive range of insurance and reinsurance products and services of the highest standards and reliability, thus creating a well balanced structure operating in the following fields :

- Insurance and reinsurance in Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, the Gulf countries, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.
- Reinsurance placement in the United Kingdom and risk management for its clients in the Middle East.
- Third party administration (management services) in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Jordan.


Offer the community at reasonable prices, the solid security they need coupled with user-friendly products and the quality service they deserve.


Kingdom Of Saudia Arabia
Head Office
Tel: (966-1) 4779229
E-mail : riyadh@medgulf.com
Fax: (966-1) 4789219
Khobar Tel: (966-3) 8894220
E-mail: khobar@medgulf.com
Fax: (966-3) 8894211
Jeddah Tel: (966-2) 6757375
E-mail: Jeddah@medgulf.com
Fax: (966-2) 6757598
Beirut Central District
Head Office
Tel: 01-985000
E-mail: lebanon@medgulf.com
Fax: 01-985005
Aley Tel:05-557013/4 Fax:05-557014
Sodeco Tel:01-616730 Fax:01-616735
Beirut Southern Suburb Tel:01-456788 Fax:01-456784
Chtaura Tel:08-542634 Fax:08-543130
Jdeideh Tel:01-900970/1 Fax:01-870908
Jounieh Tel:09-636300/1 Fax:09-636301
Mkalles Tel:01-486024/5 Fax:01-483311
Saidon Tel:07-728738/9 Fax:07-728740
Tripoli Tel:06-442125/6 Fax:06-442125
Tyr Tel:07-345860 Fax:07-345860
Zahlé Tel:08-811087 Fax:08-811086
United Kingdom
London Tel : (44) 207 7355 1616
E-mail: addisonbradley@addisonbradley.co.uk
Fax: (44) 207 7355 2773
United Arab Emirates
Dubai Tel : (971-4) 295 0499
E-mail: abadubai@abradley.ae
Fax: (971-4) 295 0488
Istanbul Tel : (90) 212 2907 333
E-mail: hulya@addisonsigorta.com.tr
Fax: (90) 212 290 7335
Amman Tel : (962 6) 567 3448 Fax: (962-6) 567 1880