Marble Renovation - Daily Cleaning - Carpet and Upholstery Shampooing and Fibre Protection - Insect and Rodent Eradication

The Kourany Enterprises, pioneers in Lebanon concerning the polishing sector, have developed in course of time complementary services such as the treatment of stone, marble, granite and terracotta.
They are now specialized in carpet and upholstery shampooing and fiber protection, daily cleaning, basic cleaning out work sites and insect and rodent eradication.

Today Kourany Entreprises have acquired an experience enriched by a partnership with different foreign correspondents, experts in the matter and by applying their technology. The Kourany Enterprises invite you to discover their varied and complementary services.

Thanks to the alliance between high technology and a team of artisan workmen capable when required, to resort to artisanal methods or to the most sophisticated machinery, the Kouranys have acquired in time an important place on the market and developed close relations with their clients based on mutual trust. These comprise private or official offices and well known architectural and engineering firms.

Edwin Kourany wishes to offer to those in search of high quality work the benefit of his rich experience.

The Kourany Enterprises's vast list of references concerning their different branches is at your disposal and their workteam warmly invites you to get into contact with them.

Tel : (961) 3 - 361610
Tel : (961) 3 - 308990
Tel : (961) 3 - 418848
Mrs Elham RAHAL
Tel : (961) 1 - 383818

Kourany Enterprises welcomes you on their premises in Furn El Chebback,
Facing "Ecole des Frères", Lourdes Building.
For further information please contact us at one of the following numbers :
Tél : (961) 1 - 383818 - 390594 - 396007