If you need a laboratory, any type of laboratory, be it for medical purposes, research, industry or universities.
We proudly represent international brands that fit all your needs.

We supply the latest technologies so that inquiries fulfill all their needs in all laboratory usages ranging from quality control, routine testing to product development research and laboratory furniture.

Our products are the most efficient tools for all the tasks that require accuracy and precision. Most reputable laboratories uses our tools, in the fields of clinical, pharmaceutical products, food stuffs, QC, in-vitro...

Our equipments are designed by professional manufacturers. They perform all analysis.

We trace the new technologies and insure the respective instruments from the date they are

launched in the world markets, in order to serve our customers with the latest, the newest and the best.

If you are already have a laboratory and need a professional advice on how to update your equipments or just get a new product, we are ready to grant you the most valuable recommandations and lead you to different choices, depending on your budget and other parameters.

Not only we sell tools but we permanetly keep in stock a wide range of consumable products because we believe, that keeping your laboratories running is not only a duty but a challenge

To facilitate our expension and enlarge the fields of our satisfied customers we have elaborated a service oriented sales department with dynamic and experienced personnel to meet your needs and incarnate the company's philosophy.

Knowing the importance of after sale services, we founded a biomedical workshop directed by specialised engineers and highly qualified technicians.

Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

In other terms we know what you need and we work hard to meet your expectations.
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- Faculty of Science I - Shoueifat
- Faculty of Science II - Mansourieh and Fanar
- Faculty of Public Health II - Dekwaneh
and Fanar
- Faculty of Public Health IV - Zahle
- Faculty of Medical Science - Pharmacy - Dekwaneh
- Faculty of Medical Science - Medicine - Dekwaneh
- Faculty of Agronomy - Horch Tabet

Saint Joseph
- Faculty of Science - Mar Roukoz

- Faculty of Public Health - Beirut
- Governmental Hospital - Dahr El-Bachek
- Hospital of Baabda

Public Institutions
- Ministry of Environment - Jal El-Dib
- Ministry of Interior - Beirut
- Ministry of Administrativ Reform - Beirut

- Warner Lambert - Zouk Mosbeh
- Henkel - Zouk Mosbeh
- M.A.K. - Anfeh
- Tamer Frères - Dekwaneh
- Sokhomi - Beirut