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University of Balamand -

Welcome to the University of Balamand (UoB). While a new University founded in 1988 at the height of Lebanon 's internal war, UOB is heir to a long tradition of scholarship on the Balamand Hill and in the Antiochian Orthodox and Christian Church.

Founded as a private secular institution to serve all people without regard to race, religion, gender, and ethnic consideration, UoB has in a decade and a half become one of the leading universities in the region.

The University consists of nine Faculties and a dozen research centers, and is committed to excellence in education, research, and service to the wider community.

Given its strong belief in human rights, democratic institutions, and Christian Muslim understanding, the University is fully committed to the development and democratization of the region.

Like Lebanon, the University is small in size but large in spirit, and as such has a civilizing mission based on freedom, tolerance, plurality and human dignity and is committed to spreading these values throughout its Middle East region.

To this end the University cooperates extensively with leading universities in North America and in Europe and conducts joint research programs with them.


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