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French Version

Special Report : From the assassination of Rafic Hariri to the release of UN's probe report.

Events Chronology since the murder of Rafic Hariri

21 june
Lebanon's opposition claims victory

20 june
U.S. and Europe praise Lebanon's elections

13 june
Aoun sweeps to victory in Mount Lebanon, Zahle
Expatriates return to vote in elections
Jumblatt, Hamade take uncontested seats
'The Syrian Presence': More than spies and laborers

6 june
Kassir : A symbol of courage and journalistic integrity
Impact of Kassir's death won't just 'go away'
Wanted : Politicians with vision

3 june
Syria accused after bomb kills journalist Kassir

30 may
Hariri makes clean sweep in Beirut polls
First round of voting exposes Hariri's weakness

23 may
Aoun-Jumblatt alliance unlikely in Lebanon polls
Europe invites Lebanon to join parliamentary assembly
Lebanon’s new miracle

13 may
Lebanon election alliances unravel as opposition struggles

11 may
Lebanon's opposition scramble to mend differences

9 may
Aoun reconciles with former LF foes

8 may
Aoun's supporters exalt his return and back him for post of president

5 may
Berri ignores call for Parliamentary debate

4 may
FPM begins final countdown to Aoun's return

2 may
Lebanon's leaders spar over election law, security posts

26 april
Israel eyes peace with Lebanon as Syria completes pullout

25 april
Syrian withdrawal enters final phase

19 april
Mikati interim Cabinet welcomed with caution by Lebanese opposition

16 april
Mikati elected Lebanese premier-designate

14 april
Karami bows out saying he couldn't care less about polls

12 april
'No comment' as Lebanon's leaders fail to form Cabinet
Jumblatt denies rifts over opposition policy

8 april
Syrian withdrawal of troops enters final phase

7 april
Jumblatt meets with Karami and reiterates call for elections to be held on time

5 april
Lebanese and Syrian Army chiefs approve final pullout
Karami says new government will be formed by Saturday

4 april
Beirut blasts deal damaging blow to tourism figures
Syria sets April 30 deadline for army and intelligence withdrawal

3 april
Latest blast targets Broumanna

1 april
Opposition insists Karami stalling to delay elections

30 march
Karami to resign after failing to form unity government

29 march
Lebanese opposition to insist on timely elections

25 march
Mubarak : Syria to announce pullout timetable

24 march
Opposition blames Syria for deadly blast
EU calls for full Syrian withdrawal
Official Declaration : European Council Brussels - Présidency Conclusions - Lebanon

23 march
Three killed as new blast rocks Beirut shopping mall

22 march
EU to broadcast 'neighborhood' policy in Arabic
Lebanese opposition leader softens stance against Lahoud

21 march
First phase of Syrian pullout near completion amid scuffles
Lebanon's GDP rises 4 percent despite fears on political and economic future

19 march
Paris summit urges implementing 1559

18 march
Annan expects full Syrian withdrawal ahead of polls
Bahia Hariri marks April 13 as day to celebrate Lebanese unity

17 march
Washington and Hizbullah trade blows on disarmament

16 march
Syrian agents evacuate posts across Lebanon
UN wraps up investigation on Hariri killing

15 march
Sea of anti-Syrian demonstrators floods streets of Downtown Beirut

14 march
Demo plans go ahead despite warnings

13 march
U.S. gives cautious welcome to Syrian pullout pledge
Nabatieh sees large pro-government turnout

11 march
Syrian troops evacuate North Lebanon
UN envoy travels to Egypt to discuss 1559
Lebanon braces itself for Karami III but the future remains uncertain
Karami returns with a 'rescue' government

10 march
Karami looks set for comeback after ouster from office Lebanese mps back former premier
Protesters express mixed views on PM appointment
Opposition united over nomination

9 march
Nasrallah warns U.S. to stop interfering in Lebanon
Nasrallah speech receives muted international reaction

8 march
Opposition, U.S. demand deadline on Syrian pullout

7 march
Hizbullah flexes political muscles
Name that revolution

6 march
A new generation is demonstrating in Beirut
Opposition gives mixed reaction to Assad's proposal for a two-phase withdrawal
From Beirut to Al-Dahya
Lebanese popular movement reacts with anger and contempt

4 march
Key events in 29-year Syrian presence in Lebanon
Full text of Taef Agreement, October 22, 1989

3 march
Lebanese opposition calls for resignation of security chiefs

1 march
People power brings down Karami's Cabinet

28 february
Beirut on knife edge as parliament meets
UN sets April deadline for Syrian pullout

27 february
Lebanon's markets calm but planned strike looms

25 february
Lebanese opposition MPs seek to topple government

22 february
Will tragedy unite or divide us ?

21 february
Lebanon's Central Bank insists it will maintain stable pound

18 february
Fallen son laid to rest as Lebanese vent their anger (Daily Star)

16 february
Funeral procession for Former lebanese Prime Minister

15 february
Explosion kills Lebanon's former prime minister Hariri

Beirut 23-02-2005
Christophe DUGUÉ

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