Located in the heart of Mount Lebanon surrounded by dense pine forests, lies the ultimate tranquil, vacational getaway, PINELAND resort lebanon, hotel, village & country club.

The soothing serenity of PINELAND resort lebanon, guarantees that you experience nature at its best. Let the pure, clean air revitalize you, let the ever-present cool breeze invigorate you, and let the magic and mystery of the surrounding forests acquaint you with your inner youth.
Experience the most original vacation in Lebanon as pleasure, comfort, and unforgettable memories will characterize your stay.

Luckily, PINELAND resort lebanon is only a few kilometers away from major Lebanese cities even though it is doubtful you'll want to leave once you arrive. PINELAND resort lebanon is an extraordinary place for families to find a vast series of facilities and activities.

At PINELAND resort lebanon, activities range from horseback riding, basketball, tennis, in/outdoor swimming pools to ATV's, biking, and tyro - and that's just the beginning. Throughout the day, you can enjoy delicious Lebanese cuisine as you take a break from either non-stop activities or a quiet day in picturesque nature. At PINELAND resort lebanon, your activity options are limitless...

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