VUTEK 5300

Hi resolution Piezo electirc, heads, prints, photorealistic, large-scale images for Unipoles, Truck sides, Highway Billboards, Bus wraps, Buildings, Wraps, Wall signs, Roof tops, Stands, Posters, Specialty Banners, Point of purchase displays, and Exhibitions printed on a variety of materials including Flex, Mesh, Backlits with plexi, foam or wood support, Paper, Cloth, Pressure adhesive or reinforced Vinyl materials for Indoor and Outdoor use & Installation.

Vutek 5300 reproduces images to stunning photorealism and sharper text at 300 dpi resolution from EPS, Postscript™or TIFF files at any size.

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LEOGRAVURE / Leo Digital Press
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Wall printing, outdoor wall printing

outdoor media, wall media, outdoor wall sign

unipole signs, outdoor unipole
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