Direction Générale

Mr. Georges E. Zard Abou Jaoude Chairman - General Manager
Mr. Mohamad I. Hamdoun Executive Board Member
Deputy General Manager

Mr. Albert A. Azar Chairman's Office

Ms. Gretta G. Hobeika Foreign Relations & Treasury
Mr. Ahmad I. Safa Operations and Branches
Mr. Atef Saker Risk Management
Mr. Fouad Rahmeh Commercial and Business Development
Mr. Joseph Harika Coordination Bank’s Committees

M. Gaby Mezher Audit Interne

Mme. Joelle Y. Chacar Sujet Légaux

Mr. Charles W. Skaff Financial Control
Mr. Raja F. Naasan Retail Banking
Mr. Chawki R. El-Fata Business Development
Mr. Fouad R. Faysal Human Resources
Mrs. Dima Hussein Corporate Banking

Ms. Marie-Louise M. Akiki Information Technology
Mr. Elie A. Azar Marketing & Administration
Mr. Bachir Al Nakib Compliance
Mr. Antoine S. Hobeiche Quality & Organization

Mr. Antoun S. Bassil Credit Administration
Mrs. Lina Bou Ramia Operations
Ms. Mona N. Choueifaty Branches Management
Mr. Victor Andrea Capital Markets
Mr. Rony Najem Administrative Manager
Mr. Elie Kassab Trade Finance
Mr. Philippe Bou Azar Middle Market

Deloitte & Touche

Abou Jaoudé & Associates
Zgheib & Associates
Saade & Associates

Mrs. Carole Chelhot