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Imm. Sannine
Zouk Mikael - Kesrouan
PO/Box : 394 Jounieh
Tel : (961) 9 - 213491 / 92 / 93 / 94
Fax : (961) 9 - 214478

Since the dawn of times, the region surrounding the Sannine source, Kanate Kabiche, known in antiquity as the Roman God Bacchus's canal, is famous for the majesty of its mountains, the quality and abundance of its waters. In ancient times, Historian related that Roman consuls used to enjoy thermal cures in these high locations. Beneath these wild and unpopulated mountains, the "Compagnie des Sources du Liban" established its water-bottling plant, commercially known as Sannine, a beautiful trademark of which we are proud. From the outset, our venture was guided by the principle of high water quality, symbol of our success.

Our comitment was rewarded by the expansion of Sannine's commercial operations. And important financial and industrial holding company believing that Sannine fulfilled Lebanese consumers needs, enthousiastically provided its generous support. Initially, we moved cautiously, calling on the technical expertise of a world-renowned French firm. Its wide experience in water-bottling was a source of great inspiration and guided our operations. For 15 years, we carefully respected the French firm's strict recommandations. We firmly believed that the road to success was slow and painstaking. On August 3, 1970, when the Sannine plant was granted a licence by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, it was not yet fully operational.

This goal was achieved on ly in 1978. We decided to take our time to integrate the Sannine plants into tis own environment, professionally train our personnel, plan our production and distribution levels. Solid foundations and careful planning allowed Sannine to survive the long years of strife in Lebanon. In fact, the plant never interrupted its production activities. The warm support of Lebanese citizens was slowly but surely acquired by Sannine thanks to our persistence and perseverance. Today, consumers can observe and appreciate the special care we take to improve and modernize our plant. A mineral water labeled Sannine has become a familiar item of daily life in Lebanon, be it at home or in the workplace.