Authorized OPEL Dealer

For most of us nowadays, the car is a major part of our social and business life. An environment in which we spend a lot of our time. And when questions such as ecology, economy, comfort and safety arise, your choice of car becomes almost a statement of individual philosophy.That is one major reason why, we, at Techno Cars authorized Opel Dealer in Lebanon respond to our customers demand with the complete upper range, flexible enough to fit almost any lifestyle while maintaining our reputation for exceptional value for money.

You care about driving pleasure, safety, comfort and reliability, OPEL has been engineered to combine all of these qualities to fit your needs. So don't wait too long, Techno Cars is eager to introduce the complete range of Opel to you.

Technology in motion

Every year more motorists choose to drive Opel. Some because they know that Opel delivers the quality and reliability they have come to expect, others because, time and again, Opel delivers on a long-standing reputation of making cars that offer a unique combination of purpose-oriented performance, intelligent and attractive design and uncompromising safety. To all, Opel offers exceptional value that comes from engineering and manufacturing excellence and attractive cars tailored to the individual and his or her lifestyle.

Genuine values have taken on greater importance again, and Opel has responded by designing the Omega with this conviction in mind. More luxurious, sophisticated, reliable and exciting than ever before, its styling and engineering excellence shine through in every detail.

The new Astra understands the fundamentals. Simply by offering more comfort, better safety features and advanced technology, all at the expense of only one thing: the unnecessary.

Introducing a revolutionary new class of passenger vehicle from Opel: The all-new Zafira compact van. A spacious interior with seating for up to seven that can be converted into a 2-seat cargo hauler in 15 seconds, without removing any seats from the vehicle. But more than just room, Zafira has the nimble road manners and handling of a compact car a van, that's easy to park! Rediscover spontaneity today, in a vehicle that lets you do what you want, when and how you want it: the brand-new Zafira from Opel.

In the new Vectra, Opel engineers focused on improved handling and manoeuvrability, plus higher-performance engines along with the sleek, new styling to match. It's a saloon offering the same kind of satisfaction you feel with every goal you reach in life. Improving on the most successful European car in its class was no easy task. But that's exactly what the new Vectra's spirit of accomplishment is all about.