Our motto is : "if you want the job done right, do it your self".
This department is divided into four major parts and is responsible for production of our goods. In this department a well qualified experienced staff of sweets maker works to provide our customer with a very wonderful eastern sweets tastes.

This department is about 500m, and is divided in 4 main parts for different kinds of product.
The first part that is the larger in distance and responsibilities produces the most famous oriented sweets. About 4 qualified sweets makers work in this part with their helpers. In stead of introducing the machine this part is steel depending on the traditional way in production.
The second part that is provided with modern machines to give a fast service for customer is the chocolate department, a well qualified chief is responsible for the quality of the product.

The third part is the cake part that is directed by a well qualified chief professional in this industry, depend in his old experience in creating wonder full different shapes of cake and decorated by in a attractive way.

The last part is specially for the seasonal product that is ice cream that is produced only in summer, consist of modern machines for this production.