Ibex Ecotourism in Lebanon
rekking is a real " art de vivre " a philosophy of the discovery and the encounter.

e are used to believe that "all the roads lead to Rome "... here they lead to the roots.

kiing through the picturesque and endless mountain plateaux, one can discover inner peace and admire breathtaking views in Mount Lebanon.

he pleasure of simply finding forgotten sensations, new emotions, real evasion, a unique setting...

Our trips involve off-road driving through rugged countryside.

ou surely know of beautiful tourist sites and interesting places in Lebanon and the neighboring countries like Syria, Jordan and Iraq through documentary films, post-cards, pictures, books etc...

ut these just simply can't replace the unforgettable moments of being there and enjoying your travelling with the friendly team of IBEX Eco-tourism

nd what better way to discover the region than by :
- Adventurous off-road driving
- Trekking
- Mountain biking
- Cross-country skiing.

ou will end your day by camping in the wild nature, be welcomed by local inhabitants and sharing their traditions, spending the night in typical monasteries, and relaxing in modest but clean hotels.